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Speaking in Tongues Activates The Power Of God
Published By shewawa on 2010-08-08 590 Views

Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting of my hands (2 timothy 1:6). The power of God came into your life the day you received the Holy Spirit: “but ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you…” (Acts 1:8). However, this doesn’t the power is active already; you’ve got to activate it. That‘s why Paul told timothy to stir up the gift of God in him. He was referring to the power of the Holy Spirit which can be dormant in your spirit unless you activate it.
Sad to say that some folks have received the power of God (having been born again and filled with the Holy Spirit), but have allowed that power lie dormant in them. So, often times you find them praying to God for what already belongs to them. The lord, through his word shows us that we’re responsible for activating his power in us. Paul didn’t say to timothy “pray to God to stir up the gift in you, “for it’s not God’s responsibility, but yours. When you pray in tongues you stir up the power of God resident in your spirit. You’re converting the “latent energy” of the spirit in you into kinetic energy” as it were suddenly, that power that was quietly nestling in your spirit is activated and you’re transfigured! You’re suddenly infused with divine strength, and the glory of God is revealed through you.
It’s no use praying to God to “send more power down from heaven” or “send more anointing”; the anointing which is the power of God, is in you already, but you have to activate it and put it to work. That’s what I’m showing you today, how to activate the power of God in you by speaking in other tongues. What a blessing this is! You can turn the power on whenever you choose, whatever you are – by speaking in tongues. Stir up that power right now; speak in other tongues.
Praying in tongues is spiritual Exercise
But refuse profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness. For bodily exercise profiteth little; but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come (1 timothy 4:7-8).

The Holy Spirit witness to your very conscience, He speaks to your very soul Roman 9:1. You should never doubt the leading of the Holy Ghost. At times when your inner- man is troubled don’t move. if you attempt to be your own guide, you’ll literally collapse always listen to his voice as he speaks to you very soul. Let every decision in your life be base on the inner voice. You do need to pray to the Holy Spirit, you simply fellowship with him. God is a spirit and frequently appears to a man
Ezekiel 1:26.

You may ask, how do I become filled with the Holy Spirit? If I speak in tongues, is that the sign? The Holy Spirit is present from the moment you ask the lord Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and cleanse your heart. The moment you surrender to the lord, he will fill you with his spirit. Total surrender brings total infilling and total submission brings total fellowship. You’ve got to work at it everyday. Just the way you greet you mum and dad when you weak up in the morning. You say to them like this, the reason I said” them” is because they are three persons in the God headed, so you worship them like this: “Jesus I love you, father God, I adore you, precious Holy Spirit I long for your fellowship.
If you neglect communicating just one day, the next time it’s a little harder. Don’t let a day go by without a fresh surrender to the lord 2corinthains 4:16. Surrender to him everyday must continue to be a never ending emptying of self to the lord and one you make it a habit you’ll begin to experience God’s perfect union, perfect fellowship, perfect understanding and perfect love.
There are seven distinct steps to prayer
1. Prayer Confession – Begin by acknowledging who he is.
2. prayer supplication – simply let your request be made known to the lord
3. Prayer of Adoration- it should be a time of absolute beauty and worship loving him, adoring him, it may begin with the word Jesus I love you today.
4. Prayer of intimacy- you have to recognize his presence, not having a wilderness mentality when we pray. What I mean by saying wilderness mentality is that some of us when we are praying that is when our mind will start thinking about so many things, you thing about your business, family, children and so on. Why don’t you focus on the lord establish intimacy with him at that particular time and always in prayer. Don’t allow anything to distract you.
5. Prayer of intercession- some of us we are so selfish in prayer. When it comes to praying for other people. They only pray for their family and themselves. Prayer of intercession is a time where we need to intercede for other people. Sometimes God want to use you to intercede for that brother or that sister who is in trouble some were. So doesn’t neglect this session for something else always intercede for people? You may not know them, they may be in another country, and just pray as the spirit of God leads you. This is the most important area God love most, Always intercede for people.
6. Prayers of thanksgiving- Always spend time giving thanks to the father, to the son, and to the Holy Spirit.
7. Prayer of praise- This is the area that move God in you prayers. Always give him praise from your heart because God look at your heart, sing unto his only name that was what we were created for.
Paul was unfolding the working of the Godhead, he explained that the father is the operator and the lord Jesus is the Administrator and the Holy Spirit is the manifestor. If you need life, to whom do you turn? You look to the father because he is the giver of every good and perfect gift. You may say I thought we look unto Jesus! No. The source is the father but the giver of the source is Christ and the power of source is the Holy Spirit.
The word Administrate means to minister or to serve. The meaning of prayer means petition. Blasphemy encompass to speak evil of, to abuse, to insult. Blasphemy is cursing Jesus and saying I don’t care what he did. If you blasphemy him, the Holy Spirit will depart, but if you grieve him, he doesn’t leave you he’ll stay even when you wound him. Christian grieve the holy spirit every day, grieving the Holy Ghost is the sin of the church. You may ask how do you we grieve him? You grieve him when you don’t forgive; you grieve him when you say something ugly or wrong. Your daily prayer should be “blessed spirit of God please help me today not to grieve you. And what if you should fail? He is more than willing to hear you say please forgive me and he will forgive and cleanse you seventy times seven. Jesus overcame this world by faith filled words and faith is the victory that overcame the world.

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